Welcome to Mini Bar, José Avillez' gourmet bar,
where everything is not what it seems!

Night falls and the lights go up. Mini Bar livens up the nights of Porto's centre with surprising gastronomic creations by José Avillez and an enthralling atmosphere that takes us to a sophisticated world of sensuality.

On the two velvet-covered floors that make up this neon-flickering scenery, every night, at dinner, we will have the best cocktails and emblematic dishes.

On this intimate, clandestine and luxurious setting, Mini Bar offers an unforgettable gastronomic experience, where nothing is what it seems.

Besides the Mini Bar classics, such as the Algarve prawns in ceviche and the Tempura avocado with dehydrated kimchi, coriander sprouts, lime and lemon, José Avillez also brought a series of original experiences to Porto.

All of this without ever forgetting the music ⎯every Friday and Saturday, from 22:00 onwards, the soundtrack is on the hands of guest DJs.

Come to Mini Bar to have a snack, dinner or a drink. Step on to the stage and have fun.